Forging Partnerships Across Government, Industry and Consortia to Champion Circular Economy innovation for both B2B and B2C sectors

Do you have the capacity to help roll-out 100 million RFiD THREADS® that will go into 100 million products, thereby supporting a circular economy, keeping items out of landfill, and aiding millions of brands and stakeholders?

Are you influential, ready to invest, or eager to become an "eco-champion" for millions of brands? Whether you're a country's Environment Minister, a leader of a global mega-brand, or the head of a circular economy group, your influence will make a difference. Can you support or underwrite the bulk production of RFiD THREADS® then receive 100% of your investment back? help us expedite the rollout and prevent emissions from entering our environment?

Take a look at the IMPACT we can have by keeping 100 million pairs of jeans out of landfill and connected to an inclusive circular economy.

Partnerships can include:

Through Global Consortium Partnerships, the Global Circular Network offers the fastest route to developing specialized bulk machinery and accelerating the delivery of affordable, inclusive DPP tools for both B2B and B2C markets. Our equitable pricing model ensures that brands and businesses of all sizes can access an efficient, interconnected circular economy platform. This platform promotes open-source collaboration and fosters connections within local and global circular economy networks.

Contact us to request information on our Global Consortium Partnership and start roll-out immediately.
NOTICE. BIG collaborative announcements coming soon.

If your government is not moving quickly to pivot to a circular economy in order to take action on the climate crisis and mitigate emissions and pollution then send them this invitation; together we can act locally and globally faster.


In the EU, 99.8% of fashion brands are SMEs, with over 80% being micro businesses employing between 1 to 10 people. It is estimated that up to 40% of these brands might close due to the challenges of transitioning to a circular economy and meeting mandatory reporting requirements. 

Our mission is to support these brands by providing access to an affordable and efficient digital product passport platform. By doing so, we aim to prevent the catastrophic impact this could have on individuals and global supply chains.

Through the economics of scale bulk manufacturing enables us to offer any brand a low-priced DPPs at the same price and connect their products to a circular economy. This will ensure we keep products out of landfill, in use for longer plus mitigate landfill, emissions and pollution and collect the data to show the impact. 

Brands will receive an Impact Rating Certification with verifiable data for compliance reporting to assist in data verification.

A collaborative bulk manufacturing 'big picture' opportunity provides equitable circular systems to start immediately given we no longer have the time to wait for 2030 - see correlated IMPACT if we act now.

Consortium Partners will be the "eco-heroes" who deliver a circular economy to thousands of brands in their country or region offering them access to the most advanced, interlinked DPP platform and at the same price no matter their size plus only need to purchase the quantity they require.

Global Consortium Partners are like 'sponsors' who offer their support via a 'sponsorship' or as a facilitator. Partnerships include representatives of governments, councils, companies, philanthropists, investors, charities, NFPs, consulting, academia plus brands and businesses. 


Request information on our first partnership in Europe set to deliver bulk manufacturing capability in the northern hemisphere. We invite countries and regions to join this collaborative partnership so they too can offer local solutions to fast-track a pivot to circular economy systems and especially engage SMEs at the same level as the large brands.

CIRPASS. Our DPP is listed on the European Union's mandatory Cirpass DPP legislation set to activate a circular economy for textile products. 

CEO Alison Jose is a CIRPASS-2 Expert Working Group Partner. This provides brands in the EU with assurance they can meet Cirpass mandatory reporting via the Impact Rating Certification with verifiable data to meet and exceed mandatory reporting.



Brands and stakeholders can sign up NOW to join a bulk order via Expression of Interest.