The Circlolink DPP via RFiD THREADS® is a listed provider by Cirpass, the European Union funded consortium preparing the ground for the gradual piloting and deployment of DPPs. 

From 2023 onwards, Cirpass is focussed on developing a roadmap for prototypes in three value chains: electronics, batteries and textiles.


CIRCLOLINK is proud to be part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community. Visit the website to learn more about "How to Build A Circular Economy"

Adetex.CS is thrilled to announce that we are selected as a Finalist in the 2023 Australian Circular Economy Award ACE Awards.

We’re in the Full Circle Award category for Circlolink's "outstanding contribution towards driving Australia's transition to a circular economy" and to "commend your dedication to creating awareness, inspiring change, and implementing innovative circular economy practices in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Thank you to Planet Ark Environmental Foundation and Circularity

A reason why I'm particularly thrilled to be included in the Circularity ACE Awards "Full Circle Award" category is that Circlolink Digital Product Passport is designed to be holistic and link full circularity using the RFiD THREADS® connected to our CIRCAA app. Its to engage product producers, consumers and the resource recovery sector and capture the natural flow of users who become 'custodians' of the product whilst its in their possession and then pass it on around a circular economy when its 'unwanted, unwearable and unusable' to them.

The cloud platform's large data capacity allows us to collect ongoing data and so once the product has been sold or as requested by the brand, the SCM's "bridge" to the app is switched off and only the Base Data is retained which is then open source for all.

Full circularity is when brands add details of their circular design strategies from the get-go like using 3D design to mitigate waste from sampling, use zero waste manufacturing, show they use textiles and manufacturing to support durability, redesign, deconstruction etc. This Base Data is accessed at Stage 4 for safer recycling, verifiable sorting for feedstock or regeneration to repurpose and provide real-time evidence for compliance and reporting.

Its the essential "middle" Stage 3 that helps to reuse products at the highest value for longer so charities, NFP, enterprises, tailors, redesigners and remakers have FREE access to CIRCAA app. They use an inexpensive UHF commercial RFID reader - like the Chainway C72 we offer with our Circlolink Starter Pack with 100 RFiD THREADS®- to either read the brands existing RFiD THREADS® or pop one into quality products themselves to enter new Data.

With free access charities, NFP, enterprises etc can become a paid Certifier for sellers on eBay or Facebook Marketplace etc. They use their #rfid reader to determine if the product is authentic & provide the seller with essential data to ensure they are not selling fakes to charge accurate prices. Brands might take a small ROI fee as a reward for making full circular products that we all benefit from as their product stays out of landfill to mitigate emissions and pollution.

Think full circle fashion, footwear, handbags, homewares, bedlinen, even mattresses and tyres.


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