Founded by CEO Alison Jose in collaboration with Dr Anura Rathnayake inventor of the RFiD THREADS® and Sanjeev Varshney of CyntraLabs.  Foundered in Australia in 2022 with offices in Nottingham and New York.

The Global Circular Network is proud to have created a solution that fosters an equitable, collaborative opportunity for many industries, the resource recovery sector, communities plus combine smart tech with human centred design to increase employment opportunities especially to engage NFPs, charities and enterprises.

Formerly known as CirClolink Digital Product Passport the name and structure changed to expand beyond "clothing".

ALISON JOSE (pronounced Joe-s)

Founder and CEO of Global Circular Network and STSC Sustainable Textile Supply Chain (Sydney).
The Global Circular Network is a registered Australian company.

Alison shares her full circular economy expertise from the 'beginning' of garment supply chains and circularity systems as a wholesaler, manufacturer and textile developer of sustainable textiles working with mills in India, Indonesia and China for nine years.  In 2020 Alison developed CircStretch, a new bio-stretch textile to reduce the plastic in performance stretch garments using specialty yarns by Lenzing Group and Asahi Kasei with the worlds first Cradle to Cradle Gold Standard elastane.

In 2020 Alison turned her focus to the circular economy and created Australia's first Circular Textile Waste Service in 2020 after receiving a NSW EPA grant and co-founded Adetex CS offering Circlolink in 2022. In 2023 was included on the Euroepan Commission's Cirpass list of DPP solutions and in 2024 Alison Jose was included as a CIRPASS-2 Expert Working Group Partner.  In May 2024 changed name to the Global Circular Network to include other products including clothing plus the Impact Rating Certification and build a Network platform

Alison Jose is a Member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Community.

Chairman of Adetexs Ltd, Adetex Global and Adetex.ID

Anu is the inventor of the novel 3rd generation of smart textile technology which is the core technology for the creation of electronically active smart yarns which will be the building block of the next-generation of wearable electronics.  He and his multidisciplinary team brings vast expertise and know-how gained from working in global companies and in a range of academic environments focused on smart textiles.  

In 2017 the RFiD THREADS® won the Global Change Award by H&M Foundation in Sweden.


Former Director Global SAF with Ralph Lauren in New York for seven years. Designing and Implementing SAS solutions for Ralph Lauren's Global Initiatives with cutting edge technologies. Architect-ed technical innovative solutions  Based in NY and India.