Communicates and educates custodians
Brands can educate customers/custodians on the product details, be the conduit for story-telling plus re-direct them to local R-cycle options once the ‘relationship is over’.  

QR Codes and NRF tools are for B2C and are not digital Passports as they don't collect new data. They can only be single scanned when made visible and not used for at-scale efficient circular economy systems. 


B2C tools are to connect customers to products. They are designed to engage, educate and create brand loyalty. By re-scanning the QR Code or NFC ring custodians can learn what to do when "the relationship is over" and direct them to local R-cycle providers.

Each RFID entry creates a unique QR Code and barcode for customer engagement and education. 

Codes can be individually downloaded, printed onto swing tags or garments etc and link to specific pages on the brands website.

Brands can also use our NFC ring code as a replacement or in addition to the QR code. 

QR Codes are not long lasting and can be damaged or lost. 

They are not suited for efficient B2B circularity as they need to be sighted and can only single scan products so are not used for

NFC RING - Near-field communication is a set of communication protocols that enables communication between two electronic devices over a distance of 4 cm (1.57 in) or less (wikipedia)

Blockchain can be added alongside if requested.